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How to import the OWL classes as a Node

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Hello, I am working on Neo4j, and I imported my ontology, but I didn't understand how Neo4j import the class owl:NamedIndividual or the other class other than owl:Class, because it gives me just one node label which is Resource, there aren't any way to import this owl:NamedIndividual as a separate Node with different label ?
this is a part of my ontology

<owl:NamedIndividual rdf:about="">
        <rdf:type rdf:resource=""/>

and this what Neo4j gives me


Hi @siham.elfedali , I assume you're using the n10s.onto.import.* procedure. Correct?
If that's the case, this method does not import NamedIndividuals as described in the manual.
If your ontology includes named individuals in a single file you'll have to use a combination of n10s.onto.import.* and n10s.rdf.import.*. You can find how to do it with the guide to import the FIBO ontology. You can play it by running the in your browser:

:play rdf/fibo.html

If the named individuals can be split into a separate file then the process can be simplified. You'll probably see what I man when you play the guide.

Hope this helps,


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Hi @jesus.barrasa, yes I am using the n10s.onto.import.* procedure to import my ontology, As you suggested I tried to run the FIBO ontology example, but I got an error that the function **n10s.rdf.collect ** is Unknown function. What is the mistake that I did here ?
PS: I am using the version 4.2 of neo4j

You need Neosemantics
Can you upgrade?
If not it would be a bit trickier. Let me know and if not I'll provide instructions on how to do it.
But essentially it would involve splitting your ontology into two parts: the schema elements in one part and the named instances in the other.


Hi @jesus.barrasa, now the function n10s.rdf.collect is working I am using the neo4j 4.3.4 and Neosemantics
As I understand, in this way I will get duplication of node, because I will have the nodes that were imported using n10s.onto.import and the nodes imported using n10s.rdf.import

Where can i find info on "the schema elements in one part and the named instances in the other". I think, this will help to put good visualization. Do i need to add additional prefix.