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Developed ontology, imported and populated with data - questions regarding validity and querying


Hey there, neo4j community!

So recently i started my own KG project which i developed an own OWL/RDF ontology for and imported that with neosemantics to create the initial graph schema. I then populated it with a few data instances with the csv load - thanks to Jesus Barrasa at this point for his insightsful blogposts and videos! πŸ™‚

Below is an excerpt of my graph which i have a few questions about:

  • the classes (ontology objects) are colored red
  • instances of the classes are green
  • relationships (ontology object properties) are blue
  • the edges depict the domain/range of the rleationships / object properties

So far so good. My questions are:

  1. is it done "correctly" so far?
  2. I read before that object properties of OWL ontologies are translated into nodes not relationships. But is there a way to transform them into "real" LPG relationships or is that just what i have to deal with now? If yes, how can it be done?
  3. Doesnt this format make the graph more complex to query because, for example, you have to traverse more edges and nodes to get from one class to another? Does someone have an example how a query over a relationship node and the domain/range edges could look like?

Thanks in advance for the help and kind regards,