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About the Integrations category

There are a lot of systems that Neo4j integrates with, from other databases, data processing solutions like Spark, data visualization tools and libraries and ETL and reporting tools. Please select a descriptive label so we can direct your question to...

yolande by Community Team
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Resolved! CrashLoopBackOff while Deploying Standalone Instance

The only pod terminates with error code 1 and I cannot look into logs because of following error.   Consider unsetting SECURE_FILE_PERMISSIONS environment variable, to enable docker to write to /logs.Folder /logs is not accessible for user: 7474 or g...

Neo4j Migrations for Python project

Currently I've discovered Neo4j-Migrations and I want to use it. But it's developed in Java and uses Maven, and my project is using Python. Is there any solution? If no, please suggest some other way to implement migrations

have a try with my Visual Ontology of calculating machines

Hello all, as a continuation of I completed the visual ontology for my hobby of collecting calculating devices. Please, have a look to Vis Network + Neo4j with da...

neo4j spark connector issue

I am facing this issue org.neo4j.driver.exceptions.ClientException: The server does not support any of the protocol versions supported by this driver. Ensure that you are using driver and server versions that are compatible with one another. I am usi...

Viewing Cypher result anywhere

hi I want to store the output of a  Neo4j cypher query in some form of  text file/ JSON/fflat file etc. later on when I send the file to someone , can he be able to view the graphical relationship in some kind of browser or interface (assuming   he d...

Rajeev by Node
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Support for sh:message in neosemantics

Hello, as the output of neosemantics is quite hard to read for non-technical people, I'd love tosee  support for the sh:message within neosemantics. I also opened an issue on GitHub to demonstrate the usefulness (

org.neo4j.driver.v1.exceptions.AuthenticationException: Unsupported authentication token, scheme='none' only allowed when auth is disabled: { scheme='none' }

Hi, I am trying to connect to Neo4j from Spark using neo4j-spark-connector. I am facing an authentication issue when I try to connect to the Neo4j "org.neo4j.driver.v1.exceptions.AuthenticationException: Unsupported authentication token, scheme='none...

Resolved! APOC - apoc.periodic.iterate - Using split function

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to call the 'split' function or 'apoc.text.split' inside an apoc.periodic.iterate. When using either split function, we get the following error: For our application, we are creating nodes via Java & APOC and ...


Resolved! Cannot edit neo4j.conf

I am installing Neo4j with Docker and I want to modify configuration in neo4j.conf file. However, after restarting container, the values is reset. Anybody can help me?

Resolved! Unable to update a Relationship

Hi good morning, I am developing an application that updates my graph in real-time. I receive an invoice id that I have to update.In my case, the invoice is a Relationship between two subjects. I'm working Python development environment.I can read th...

Resolved! Build image locally and then move to GCP cloud.

I am new to Neo4j. I want to first install and test latest neo4j version on my local MacBook ( Docker environment ) and I once successfully create my own graph DB and establish different relationship type including dummy data, I want to move the imag...

Rajeev by Node
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