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About the Integrations category

There are a lot of systems that Neo4j integrates with, from other databases, data processing solutions like Spark, data visualization tools and libraries and ETL and reporting tools. Please select a descriptive label so we can direct your question to...

yolande by Community Team
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Import data into Neo4j from MS SQL or ElasticSearch

Hello everyone! I have a very lagre amount of call data records ( CDR ) stored in MS SQL Server 2017 database. I was impressed by the ability of Neo4j to present this information in the form of a graph and then work with it, so I want to try it with ...

djenia88 by Node Clone
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Beta release of neosemantics for 4.0

Hi everyone, We've just published a beta release of neosemantics for Neo4j 4.0.x. Notice that it includes several important (breaking) changes: There's an extensive change in the naming scheme for procedures and functions as well as in the mode of op...

Resolved! Using Imported OSM data

So, I ran through the OSM import process as on GitHub and generated the sample database via the java -Xms1280m -Xmx1280m \ -cp "target/osm-0.2.2-neo4j-3.5.1.jar:target/dependency/*" org.neo4j.gis.osm.OSMImportTool \ --skip-duplicate-nodes --dele...

Importing OSM Data

Hey, I imported OSM data for a specific country using spatial.import OSM("path"). But I can't retrieve GEOJSON for specific geometry objects. Every Geometry object has weird data like that. { "0": 0.0, "1": 0.0, "2": 0.0, "3": 0.0, "4": 1.0, "5": 64....

Exporting RDF with 4.0 and 3.5.x

Hi Jesus, I've playing around with exporting data with Neosemantics and had a question: Does Neosemantics expand the prefixes in properties when you try to export some RDF? For example, if I tried something like: call n10s.rdf.export.cypher("match(n...

r_moquin by Node Clone
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Feedback on Neosemantics with Neo4j 4.0

Hi Jesus, I am new to Neo4j and since we use Neo4j 4.0 I'm seeing how we can integrate our RDF data into Neo4j. So far I had one immediate piece of feedback (I am not sure if I'll have more, so I'm not waiting to aggregate them all into one feedback ...

r_moquin by Node Clone
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Resolved! Docker compose configuration for neosemantics errors out

I'm trying to get neosemantics working in a docker container. Has anyone been able to successfully get this running? I get the following error: ... 2020-03-31 14:35:55.241+0000 ERROR Failed to start Neo4j: Starting Neo4j failed: Component 'org.neo4j....

ETL and System Tables

Hello. I'm trying to acclimate myself to the Neo4j ETL Tool, using MSSQL in my JDBC connection. Although I'm specifying a specific source database, the ETL seems to pick up all the tables and schemas from the System Tables (master, model, msdb) on my...