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About the Integrations category

There are a lot of systems that Neo4j integrates with, from other databases, data processing solutions like Spark, data visualization tools and libraries and ETL and reporting tools. Please select a descriptive label so we can direct your question to...

yolandep by Community Team
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Suggestion for next Neo4j release on kubernetes

Is it possible to have the tar binary installed by default in the fututure neo4j images for kubernetes. The reason is, the command kubectl cp use tar to properly transfer a file from a pod to your local computer, and without that, are fuck...

Running a Docker Image in Singularity with Plugins

Howdy all! I work in an academic environment, and our HPC environment uses Singularity instead of Docker for containers. Singularity allows for use of Docker containers, so I'm using the official distribution on DockerHub for my pipeline. For the mos...

Import complete wikidata into neo4j

I used GitHub GitHub - findie/wikidata-neo4j-importer: Imports WikiData JSON dumps into... Imports WikiData JSON dumps into Neo4j in a meaningful way. - GitHub - findie/wikidata-neo4j-importer: Imports WikiData JSON d...

Multiple domains and ranged for a relation

Hello, I am trying to import simple ontology with n10s.onto.import.fetch() The problem is that my ontology contains several "rdfs:domain" and "rdfs:ranges" for some specific relations. Here it is example alp:cites rdf:type owl:ObjectProperty ; ...

Register procedure for neosemantics in embedded Neo4j

Hi, I want to use neosemantics in my project to import ontologies. I managed to use neosemantics on the browser but now I want to use it in my embedded Java project. I am new to coding Neo4j but I saw that I need to register the prodecures I want to ...

Changing baseSchemaPrefix :n4sch to custom name "azdt

I have used call n10s.graphconfig.set( ) command to update neosemantics configuration For some reason baseSchemaPrefix is not updating. rest of the parameters are being updated. here is the command used call n10s.graphconfig.set( { keepLangTag: true,...

Help needed in graph NLP

I have shared the question previously on the broader forum. I am looking to get the answers. The original question here with discussions so far: Is it Possible to perform POS Tagging in sentence nodes in neo4j graph

Resolved! Running semantics.importRDF local vs remote

Hello, running 1. (remote) works fine, while running 2. (local) doesn't work (see results below) remote CALL semantics.importRDF("","Turtle",{}) local CALL semantics.importRDF("f...

Neo4j on Azure needs extra security and not to be access directly with DB URL, it should be behind Azure app gateway and would only be accessible by gateway URL

Hi Team, I have Neo4J running on Azure and working perfectly fine Now I need to restrict the browser access, and it should only be accessed via the Azure application gateway for the browser I am able to configure the app gateway and it loads the logi...

Neo4j Spatial which tool to use with Neo4j Server

I'm currently exploring Spatial support for Neo4j. Until now I've been using PostGIS for storing and querying Openstreetmap Data, but I want to use Neo4j for this approach. When using Neo4j I first discovered the very old neo4j-spatial-plugin. Using ...

Preparing OSM data for routing

I've been trying to follow the GraphConnect 2018 video on loading OSM data into a routable graph ( - all goes well until I try the cypher shown at 21:26. If I run the cypher exactly as...

Docker Import tool too slow

Hi, I am working with a dataset and a neo4j in docker, my computer is a VM in azure with ubuntu and 1T of disk and 128 gb of ram the problem is that using the import tool alway become to slow at 70% of the node import process, I configured the verbo...

roberto1 by Graph Buddy
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