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About the Integrations category

There are a lot of systems that Neo4j integrates with, from other databases, data processing solutions like Spark, data visualization tools and libraries and ETL and reporting tools. Please select a descriptive label so we can direct your question to...

yolande by Community Team
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Set activation key automatically using a PS script or cmd

Hi all, I'm using Ansible and packer to create a windows image (ami) that contains Neo4j Desktop app, so the installation part I did it using the CMD: cmd.exe /c "{{ download_path }}\\{{ exe_file_name }} /allusers /S   I still need some way to set t...

Mrk by Node
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Resolved! Rule-Based Styling marker colour in Map

Hi, I am experimenting with maps and have created this sample query (based on @bennu_neo 's example in another post on this forum): UNWIND [{id: "1234", label: "Test", type: "House", point: point({latitude:51.35934, longitude:4.31582})}] AS p RETURN ...

guido by Graph Buddy
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Clustering for Community Edition

Hello everyone. I know clustering was not supported  for community edition in previous versions. But can we now , with Neo4j 5, use clustering with community edition?Thanks in advance

jaimeb by Node
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Facing ((no changes, no records)

Hi guys I am trying to retrieve about 200k documents from Elasticsearch and create nodes using them in Neo4j.  I followed the instructions on this page: And my query looked something...

Resolved! NeoDash rule-based styling: node value = parameter

In my graph representation, I want the node which corresponds to the search parameter (in my case $neodash_name_name) to have a different colour.But I can only put exact values in the Value field; putting the parameter there (see attachment) doesn't ...

guido by Graph Buddy
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Neo4j Protocol Connection Issue

Looking for help with connecting to neo4j instance. We are able to connect to our neo4j server via the bolt protocol with "bolt://remote.hostname:7687", however when using the neo4j protocol "neo4j://remote.hostname:7687" we receive the below error: ...

jp by Node Link
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O*net database integration

I am conducting research with o*net database. (Newbee in neo4j), I can see variety of export options, however I was wondering how to import it into neo4j ? They offer xlsv, mysql, oracle, txt formats. Does anyone tried ? How to achieve something like...

Find next shortest path

I want to find a couple of paths between 2 nodes. I don't just want the shortest path or all paths with the shortest length (allShortestPaths). I need all the shortest paths and the next shortest paths. Since it is not possible to set allShortestPath...


About the Linked Data, RDF, Ontology category

Welcome RDF / Linked Data / Ontology practitioners (or just curious people). If you're asking yourself how do any of these technologies relate/integrate with Neo4j, you're in the right place This is your section if you have questions (basic or advan...

Sync with PostgreSQL

We have alredy inserted all our data from PostgreSQL into Neo4j using apoc.load.jdbc and now we would like that any time we insert a row in PostgreSQL authomatically conencts to Neo4j and creates the nodes and relationships. How can that be achieved?...

jaimeb by Node
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Neo4j APIs - Large http payload

Hi, I am trying to use the neo4j APIs. They work well when the payload of my request is sufficiently small. At present I am trying to commit multiple statements in one request, but the request size is 200kb. No node is created and the logs contain th...

Resolved! NiFi goes Neo

Hi community, I've already tried Kettle and Neo. That went without a hitch. Now I want to use NiFi and Neo together and encounter problems: Neo processors are not included in the standard installation of NiFi, but there is a "nifi-graph-bundle" in th...

Connecting Postgre with Neo4j using ETL Tool

I am trying to connect Neo4j with an existing database in Postgre using the ETL Tool but I don t know which information should i write in user and password. I keep getting this error:   nov 15, 2022 12:23:02 P.�M. org.postgresql.Driver connect GRAVE:...

jaimeb by Node
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Best way to export large graph as RDF

Hey all, I'm currently working on a university project where I need to export my existing Neo4j Graph as RDF triples. Right now I'm trying to figure out the best way to do that given that the database is quite large (11mil nodes, 1bil relationships)...