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About the Integrations category

There are a lot of systems that Neo4j integrates with, from other databases, data processing solutions like Spark, data visualization tools and libraries and ETL and reporting tools. Please select a descriptive label so we can direct your question to...

yolande by Community Team
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I've been running neo4j 3.5 from a docker container on a ubuntu 18.04 server. I do my development and browsing from a windows box on the same LAN, using the Chrome browser. This is my startup script: docker run \ --publish=7474:7474 --publish=7687:7...

NFS permissions for neo4j container in kubernetes

Hi, I'm trying to run a neo4j database in a kubernetes cluster which I set up from a few old machines and a couple of raspberry pis. The machine I'm using as the master node is also running an NFS server and exporting conf, logs and data directories....

Lemmatization in Neo4j within cypher query

I want to find out lemma of the given word using Cypher query and use the result to perform next level of task. I've found out that Neo4j has 1."Full text indexes searches" -

Logstash Output Plugin

On the page “Neo4j and Elastic Search” at the bottom there’s a section about Logstash plugins written by Pere Urbon. But the section is empty bullet points. A brief look at Github I didn’t find them. Has anyone thought about using Neo4j as the datast...

hank by Node Link
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Custom properties of OWL/RDF Ontology

Hi, I am trying to import an ontology, which is in RDF/XML format (owl): call n10s.graphconfig.init( { keepCustomDataTypes:true, handleRDFTypes: "LABELS_AND_NODES" }); CALL n10s.onto.import.fetch("...","RDF/XML"); In the ontology file, each class co...

Issues importing RDF in the middle of a transaction

I'm running into an issue where a CALL semantics.importRDFSnippet (the 3.5 version of neosemantics) in a transaction is blocking indefinitely. Are there any caveats/issues to be aware of when importing RDF as part of a user-level transaction? In this...

mdw00d by Node
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NeoSemantics (n10s) Course

Hi, I'd be interested in a course on neosemantics that highlights several use cases. One I am interested in is how to use n10s with FIBO ontology and derive inferences. If any blogs or videos exist, please let me know.

Routing with osm data in Neo4j

This is my first project trying to use Neo4j to solve problem. Hope this approach will work. Thank you in advance for the community and community users to help me out. Let me introduce my problem first, I'm currently working on a project which needs ...

Roundtripping typed literals with RDF import/export

Using still 3.5, I noticed that if I use importRDFSnippet and post a graph that includes a typed triple, e.g., xsd:dateTime, and then export the same using the /rdf/cypheronrdf endpoint, the returned triple lacks the datatype annotation. Is that to b...

mdw00d by Node
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JBPM integration

Hi all, i just would like to share with you, that I achived a simple integration of JBPM Workflow Engine with Neo4J. I created a work item handler capable to execute a cypher call from JBPM and returning the results in JBPM as Workflow Data. If anyon...

Neosemantics not working on Neo4j 3.5.5

I have installed Neosemantics plugin on Neo4j 3.5.5. Copied the jar file to the plugins directory and set the following in neo4j.conf file : dbms.unmanaged_extension_classes=semantics.extension=/rdf After retsarting Neo4j instance, I don't se...

Integration into a web app

Hi, I am trying to import graph queries into a web application I am developing, to use Neo4j as a cool data visualization tool. Would anyone know if such an integration is possible, and what are the ways to make it work? Thanks a lot! Maxime