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About the Integrations category

There are a lot of systems that Neo4j integrates with, from other databases, data processing solutions like Spark, data visualization tools and libraries and ETL and reporting tools. Please select a descriptive label so we can direct your question to...

yolande by Community Team
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Grafana datasource for Neo4j

I often find myself wanting to display tables of data from my neo4j database to my users in grafana? Is there an existing tool for this? If not, any interest in one? I understand I can custom make a REST API then point a grafana json-datasource at...

Extend triple knowledge with ontology

Hi, I'm new to neo4j and n10s. Thanks for the excellent work first of all. I have a question which is that we actually wish to save some triples with neo4j and then give some comprehensive hierarchy with owl in the class level and automatically linke...

oli by Graph Buddy
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Is support of RDF*/SPARQL* planned?

Hello, I'm trying to import into neo4j 4.2.5 YAGO RDF knowledge base (Downloads/yago 4 | Yago Project). All files .nt worked very well, but there's also a file yago-wd-annotated-facts.ntx.gz which is in RDF* format (contains nested triplets as this f...

vlasta by Node
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Neo4j kafka sink plugin

Hi all, i'm trying a super simple test integration between kafka and neo4j using neo4j sink plugin but simply not work. This are my test configuration: kafka.bootstrap.servers= kafka...

info15 by Node
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SHACL Union of Range for an object property constraint

Hello, I am trying to constraint an object property (OP) by saying that this OP can only have two classes as range. When I run n10s.validation.shacl.import.inline I get the following error: Error Running Query Failed to invoke procedure n10s.validati...

Inference and Reasoning

Hello Folks, I am a newbie to neo4j. I went over the neosemantics plugin and came across reasoning and inferencing. A very small doubt: Can I do reasoning or inference on a Label Property Graph without using Ontologies? Basically I want to implement ...

Resolved! Linking ontology to an existing label property graph

I'm trying to export an existing Label property graph in neo4j as RDF and trying to use neosemantics for that purpose and for the sake of PoC, I tried to use the example database with Movie dataset that comes preinstalled with Neo4j desktop. Below ar...

somasays by Node Link
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Alpha users for the new neovis.js 2.0.0 needed!

Hi! Im the (kinda) new maintainer of maintainer of neovis.js ! Im currently working on a lot of updates to make neovis way more flexible without the need to patch it yourself I published to npm 2.0.0-alpha and I would be really glad if people will tr...

Neo4j sandbox connection settings for Graphileon V3.0.0

Graphileon advises using separate databases for your graph & the schema so I wanted to use local Neo4j (community) for my data & sandbox (enterprise) for the schema but whilst the local Neo4j connects OK I can't connect Graphileon (Version: 3.0.0) t...

guy by Node
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Resolved! Incorrect SHACL validation

Hello everyone, I'm facing an issue when trying to validate my Graph against a SHACL constraint file. Here is my SHACL constraint : @prefix EbomMbom: . @prefix dash: . @prefix owl: http://www.w...

contzero by Node Link
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