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About the Integrations category

There are a lot of systems that Neo4j integrates with, from other databases, data processing solutions like Spark, data visualization tools and libraries and ETL and reporting tools. Please select a descriptive label so we can direct your question to...

yolande by Community Team
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re new official neo4j vscode extension

Trying to get going with the new neo4j extension, and I'm having some trouble troubleshooting my troubles! I added a connection to a remote db that I work on, but I get prompted with  if I try to run a .cypher file. On the other hand it does seem to...


loading data from s3 WITHOUT using a presigned URL

We have Neo4j Enterprise running in AWS EC2. What is the recommended approach for allowing a Neo4j user role access to bulk load (csv) data from an s3 bucket without generating a presigned URL? Can a Neo4j user role essentially be mapped to an AWS IA...

tom941 by Node
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Resolved! NeoDash Maps: properties as points

In this post @bennu_neo suggested a query to produce a point on a map. When I duplicate this and insert my own coordinates, it works fine: UNWIND [{id: "1234", label: "H1", type: "House", point: point({latitude:51.22074896608231, longitude:4.40676130...

guido by Graph Buddy
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Error while loading the ontology (XML/RDF)

Hi, I am trying to import an ontology:,follows%20the%20OBO%20Foundry%20principles.  Here's what I'm doing: CALL n10s.graphconfig.init(); I read that it mi...


NeoDash parameters with other parameters

First - LOVE Neodash - Thanks to @Niels de Jong This is what I was looking for - very happy I attended this session at GraphConnect 2022!I'm curious about a couple things:1 - parameters.  I was able to add a bit more complexity by manually editing th...

pdrangeid by Graph Voyager
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NeoDash Display images

Hi, I can't figure out to display images in a Neodash report.This is a simple query which looks up the logo ("mark") of people in my database: MATCH (p:Producer)-[r:HAS_NAME_VARIANT]->(n:Name) WHERE n.Name = $neodash_name_name OPTIONAL MATCH (p)-[r2:...

guido by Graph Buddy
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Neodash - cypher results in MarkDown

Parameter question:I have a parameter selection like "Client".Once the user selects a client, I'd like to set more than one parameter values to use: In other queries substituting the query - that's easy out-of the box already, butI'd like to build a ...

pdrangeid by Graph Voyager
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Best visualization tool to analyze evolving communities?

Hi everyone, I'm trying to analyze graphs about social media. The graphs contains time information, so it's possible to do some time series analysis. For each time point, I can run a community detection algorithm to detect communities at that time. I...

Termination status "KO"

Hi all, Currently I am following along the tutorial in the link below Neo4j Graph Database Platform Tutorial: Build a Knowledge Graph using NLP and Ontologies - Developer Guides This guide shows how to build and query...

DMF194 by Node Clone
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LOAD CSV from One Drive

Hi! Im looking for info on LOAD CSV using https where the source is MSFT One Drive. Is there specific syntax? Is it supported? Or is there a One Drive configuration? Thanks!

Deleting RDF fragments with blank nodes

I imported some RDF fragments using n10s.rdf.import.inline. Now I want to delete one of these fragments passing in the fragment to n10s.rdf.delete.inline. I realized that the bnodes that have been created by the import function do not get deleted. Th...