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Why different results in these profiles about db hits?

Node Link

Hi, I need some help about these results in command Profile.

I do not understand the difference in the ProduceResults step between what is indicated in the course and what comes to me. Is the same graph. How can there be so much difference?

I attach both results.


Profile Course

My Profile


Hello @antonio.delbrio ,

Which course and lesson are you seeing this?
I need to reproduce what you are seeing.


Oops! I thought I wrote it.

This course --> Neo4j Training / Cypher Query Tuning in Neo4j 4.x / Optimizing Property Access

Section: "Only return what you need"


Hello @antonio.delbrio ,

Good catch! Not sure how that image was created, but what you are seeing in your environment is correct. The profile should have db hits for the last step.

We will correct the image.


Not only the image is wrong. The text below the image is wrong too.
When it says "The number of db hits is greater, but the elapsed time is smaller."

It is wrong. It must says: "The number of db hits is lower and the elapsed time is smaller."


Got it. Thank you @antonio.delbrio