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Verifying driver connectivity issue - Python Jupyter notebook

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I'm going through the Building Neo4j Applications with Python course on GraphAcademy and am encountering a problem when trying to  connect and verify the driver instance:


# Create a new Driver instance
driver = GraphDatabase.driver("neo4j://localhost:7687",
    auth=("neo4j", "runaway-trades-presence"))


When I then try the command to verify the connection details like so:


# Verify the connection details


It returns the following error:


/var/folders/d7/q_fznsr95_97r6lp_mx_vp640000gn/T/ipykernel_98786/ ExperimentalWarning: The configuration may change in the future.
ServiceUnavailable: Could not connect to any routing servers.


The .env file has been updated with the correct credentials - any ideas why this is happening?

I'm also not able to print or view any of the following in Python - neo4j_uri, neo4j_username etc.


neo4j_uri = os.getenv('NEO4J_URI')
neo4j_username = os.getenv('NEO4J_USERNAME')
neo4j_password = os.getenv('NEO4J_PASSWORD')



Hello @stephflint ,

In the sandbox setup lesson, you should have set the environment variables to those for the sandbox, which is a URI that contains

Note that by default, a sandbox exists for 3 days, but can be extended to 10. If the sandbox originally created for the course expires, GraphAcademy will create a new one for you and the credentials will have changed so be wary of that. You can always check the credentials of your Recommendations sandbox at the site.



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Thanks @elaine_rosenber ,

The sandbox is still valid for 9 days (after extending). However, I'm still not getting it to work. I've also tried using the session = driver.session("WRITE") operation on a different task (unrelated to the GraphAcademy course) which was returning the following error:

TypeError: session() takes 1 positional argument but 2 were given

I'm not sure if there is a compatibility issue with my version of Neo4j or Python (3.9).