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Unable to continue the class "Building Neo4J Applications with Python"

I am at 81% completion, and when I tried to resume, I simply can't. Attempted to log out of the system, tried different browsers, and tested at other times, but no matter what I attempt, I got the same message in the picture attached. I don't know how to overcome it; unfortunately, my extended DB connection expires in about 21 hrs. What can I do?  anyone? ideas? I am so close to finishing this class and I am trying not to have to start all over again because of this state. unable.png


Hello @barnysanchez ,

Unfortunately, by now your sandbox has expired, but do not worry. If you re-enter the course, it will recreate the recommendations sandbox for you.

I recommend that you clear all cookies and then try reloading the GraphAcademy page.


@barnysanchez ,

Can you share the full window screenshot so we can have more context?