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The sand box suddenly stops working

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The sandbox has suddenly stopped working. I've already logged out and logged in again and it didn't work. Any suggestions to get it working again and prevent this from happening again? I use chrome browser.



Same situation here. I'm using Edge.

Are your sandboxes working now?


I was working on the last two videos of Cypher Fundamentals. It worked for a while last night, but when I checked the solution, it said I gave the wrong answer(I'm using the suggested solution). And now I can't connect to the sandbox.

@Arnold ,

Did you try my suggestion below where your current sandbox is terminated and it is automatically created for you?  If you go to the Challenge you were on, you should be able to resume with the newly-created sandbox.


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Not yet.

Here is what I recommend. Not sure what course you are taking.
The Cypher Fundamentals course uses the movies sandbox.
The Importing CSV Data and GraphData Modeling courses use the blank sandbox.
All other courses use the recommendations sandbox.

Got to your account at and terminate the appropriate sandbox.
Go back to GraphAcademy. It should recreate the sandbox a put it in a state that is ready for whatever challenge you are working on.

Let us know if that does not do the trick for you.


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I'm on Cypher Fundamentals curse.

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Unfortunately, it didn't work.
I finished the sandbox and a new sandbox was created when I went to do the challenge again.

Do you not see the $neo4j prompt in the right window?

Did something change in your environment (ad blocker, connect to a VPN?).

Can you access the sandbox with Neo4j Browser in the site (Open)?


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'Do you not see the $neo4j prompt in the right window?'

I can see the '$' without the 'neo4j'.

'Did something change in your environment (ad blocker, connect to a VPN?).'

Not. It just stopped while I was doing the challenge.

'Can you access the sandbox with Neo4j Browser in the site (Open)?'



Very strange indeed. 

You can execute the Cypher code in the Neo4j Browser window in, but you must click the Validate/Verify button to check if your changes to the graph are correct.

If you could provide a Developer Console screenshot when you attempt the Challenge, that might better help us to troubleshoot the problem you are facing.


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I will do the challenger in the neo4j. No problem!


Follow the screenshot