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Sandbox doesn't work


While trying to run queries from the tutorial:

I get an error in the console and after that running any query is unavailable. It simply disappears and that's it.




Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'code')
    at t.connectionLossFilter (app-394143bab405e52d26fd.js:352:14411)
    at t._next (app-394143bab405e52d26fd.js:1304:62876)
    at (app-394143bab405e52d26fd.js:21:48588)
    at t._next (app-394143bab405e52d26fd.js:1304:62977)
    at (app-394143bab405e52d26fd.js:21:48588)
    at (app-394143bab405e52d26fd.js:352:42760)
    at app-394143bab405e52d26fd.js:2531:75263
    at app-394143bab405e52d26fd.js:2577:8326
    at dispatch (app-394143bab405e52d26fd.js:2136:100902)
    at app-394143bab405e52d26fd.js:352:14239
    at app-394143bab405e52d26fd.js:2255:227107
    at t.validateConnection (app-394143bab405e52d26fd.js:2255:227879)
    at Object.<anonymous> (app-394143bab405e52d26fd.js:2255:227050)
    at (<anonymous>)
    at a (app-394143bab405e52d26fd.js:2255:226261)





I suggest deleting the sandbox. You should get a new one created when you resume the class. Maybe that will fix it. It has worked for me in the past. 

I'm having the same problem.

Unable to run any Cypher code in the in-academy sandbox (the code simply disappears after hitting 'Run'). I have been able to run most queries in the standalone browser sandbox, via the link I received to my email address, but changes to the Database made here are not recognised in the academy so I'm unable to complete most of the challenges in the Cypher Fundamentals course. 

I'll try deleting the sandbox and re-opening it as suggested and will report back if this fixes the problem.

No luck with this unfortunately. I'll reach out on Discord for advice and share any solutions here

Hello folks,


GraphAcademy uses sandboxes so that you can perform queries and practice the skills necessary to learn what a course is teaching you.
When you enroll in a course,  GraphAcacemy creates a sandbox for you.
If the sandbox for a course already exists, the existing sandbox is used for the course.

During a course, you can enter Cypher in the embedded sandbox window on the right (after the $neo4j prompt appears).
You can also enter Cypher in a Neo4j Browser window that has a connection to the sandbox instance for the course at
Keep in mind that a sandbox is a temporary instance of Neo4j in the cloud that expires after 3 days (you can extend it up to 10 days).
If you have not accessed a course in a while, GraphAcademy will re-create the sandbox if it does not exist when you re-enter the course.

When you are performing the Challenges of a course, you can enter your Cypher in the embedded sandbox or in Neo4j Browser connected to the sandbox for the course.
If you want to mark that you have successfully completed a Challenge, however, you must click the Verify database button in the course.
This is the only way for GraphAcademy to verify that you successfully completed a Challenge.

In most cases, before you enter a Challenge, GraphAcademy tries to reset the graph to what it should be before you perform the Challenge.
In some cases, this may not be possible and will depend upon what you have modified in the graph.

Some folks can run into problems if they are going through multiple courses simultaneously that use the same sandbox.

Here are the sandboxes we currently use for each course in GraphAcademy

Movies Sandbox:
Cypher Fundamentals
Blank Sandbox:
Graph Data Modeling Fundamentals
Importing CSV Data into Neo4j 
Recommendations Sandbox:
Intermediate Cypher Queries
Building Neo4j Applications with Node.js | Java | Python | Go | .NET      
Introduction to Neo4j Graph Data Science   
Neo4j Graph Data Science Fundamentals 

If multiple courses are accessing the same sandbox, you may run into problems.

We recommend that if you run into a problem, you go to the site and terminate the sandbox for the course you are having a problem with.
When you resume the course, a new sandbox will be created and in most cases, you can resume the course with no problem.

I had the same issue, but this suggestion was enough to proceed.

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