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Neo4j with Python Issues



I'm currently working through the Neo4j Applications with Python course, and I've ran into a couple of problems. On the second challenge, when running the tests, it said that I had passed both tests, but the print statements in the second test never ran. I ended up just looking at the GUI for the answer to the second quiz, but in the third challenge (the one about registration), I keep getting the error """AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'decode' """. This is originating from the _generate_token function (which I haven't touched), so I'm not sure what to do.



Okay I fixed the first issue - I was missing a flag on my call to pytest, but I'm still having the same issue with the _generate_token function. I even checked out the branch for the completed code from github and am still running into the same problem.

I have encountered the same problem on the second challenge. Have not yet attempted the third challenge.