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Is it possible to correct the name in the certificate?

I have just finished the course "Querying with Cypher in Neo4j 4.x".
But I typed my partial name when enrolled the course, now I cannot change it to get it right on the certificate.
Is there any way to fix that ?
My complete name is Marcus Vinícius Borela de Castro
My email is


@marcusborela welcome to the Community.

Your certificate has been updated.


I had completed the "Become a certified Professional" yet havent received the Certification in my email ( i have also completed the Neo4j 4.x certified (Administration) however the downloaded cert is corrupt (image attached) . My name is Haresh Singh would appreciate assistance in this matter

Thanks, Elaine!
I have already donwloaded it!

@haresh ,

Your certificate is associated with your gmail account. I will send it to you via email.

You can also view your certificate in GraphAcademy:

Sign in to GraphAcademy at

At the top of the page, Select My Account > My Achievements

Click on your certificate.

Let us know if you do not see your certificate there.