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Intro to Neo4j 4.0 - Constraint Question

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Question 3 of the section on Defining Constraints for your data asks "How many properties can be defined for a NODE KEY constraint?" Per section 4.4 of the Cypher Manual, it seems to be unlimited:

However, when I choose "unlimited" for the answer, it is marked as incorrect. Also, I don't see that the training materials mention a limit. Please advise.


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And an FYI that I can't seem to get past this one question, no matter what box(es) I check.

This question has multiple correct answers.

Choose all that are correct.


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Thanks. There must have been something hung up with my computer as it would not accept the correct answers at first. Cleared cache, shut down and relaunched the browser, then it took. Yay!

Excellent! Good luck with the rest of the course.

Note, it's been periodically doing this. Not often, but has happened before. Not sure if it's something with my computer or something with the course.

The latency may be a connection speed issue?

What browser/version are you using?


Using Neo4j Desktop 1.2.9 and Browser 4.0.11.

I meant to say, what Web browser are you using for the course and its version.


Chrome 83.0.4103.97

Sorry, I should have clued into that in the first place!