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Initial movies dataset: incorrect data

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Hi all:

My Sandbox failed after following the instructions for the Python App .  While I got a working DB per this post, its data seems to be incomplete, the property ` imdbRating``  is not present. That makes the second test of the app fail.

I got my setup working setting my driver connection according to the values found at:

It seems others have experienced this too:




Oh this one took me a while too.

Tha documentation about the sandbox is just terrible, whoever wrote that has no **bleep**ing clue how detailed such instruction should be. There are no informations about common pitfalls.

You created a Movie Database in the sandbox manually, right?

But you should not connect to the Movie Database, the course itself creates a Dataset called "Recommendations" - use the credentials from that Dataset and it will work.


You are right,  the correct Dataset is "Recommendations" instead of "Movies".

A manual way to get it is using this URL:

That instance of the "sandbox`" should use the same credentials indicated in the course, if we want it to check our progress on later tests. So it is better to check the sandbox account is working (by login) prior installing the dataset.
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