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Import Using Cypher has an issue


In Chapter Import Using Cypher, I met an memory issue in the sandbox.

When I run cmd "MATCH (n) DETACH DELETE n"

The console shows: 


The allocation of an extra 2.0 MiB would use more than the limit 250.0 MiB. Currently using 248.0 MiB. dbms.memory.transaction.global_max_size threshold reached


Try this:

:auto match(n)

call {

with n

detach delete n

} in transactions of 1000 rows 

Thank you for sharing the command with me. It works well.

However, I got another error in this demo.

I finished all the steps and got the results which is same as the description but cannot pass the Validate Results step and got 


Unexpected token '<', "<html> <h"... is not valid JSON


Please kindly remind me what should I do.

Sincerely yours,

Xi Chen


What did you do that resulted in that error?  

I only copy the commands into the sandbox. And for each step, the results looks normal.

Did the error result from running a cypher statement? Or from clicking the validate button? The error dos not look related to cypher. It looks like something expected a json value but was html instead. If it was related to the validation I would try quiting the browser and return to the class and try again. If it was from executing cypher, please paste the cypher. 

Thank you so much. This error is caused by clicking the validate button.

Please check the attached snapshot.

That makes more sense than a cypher error based on the error.  All I can suggest is to close the browser and try again. 

Clearing cookies may also help with the validation JS code.


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