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Graph Modeling Issue

Node Clone

I am importing my csv data to Neo4j using data importer but i have an issue about modeling 

  1. In my model i have Entity called "Tag" , it has property called "IO_type"
  2. "IO_type" has two values (Digital input and Analog input)
  3. Depending on the "IO_type" value we will have two types of alarms readings , in "Digital input" Tag we will take readings "state0" and "state1" from the excel 
  4. in "Analog input" Tag we will take readings "Alarm LL Value" , "Alarm L Value" , "Alarm H Value" and "Alarm HH Value" from the excel 

How we can implement this conditional business case in our graph model ?


How you model this data should depend upon the types of queries you will be performing against the data and the number of values that will be loaded into the graph.

You can use to conditionally test a value and then perform some Cypher code.