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Graph data modeling Testing the model error


Hi all,
I was trying to do answer the questions at the end of that page and although I am pretty sure my answers are correct I am getting an " OOPS!

It looks like you haven't passed the test, please try again." message.

Did anyone else faced with this problem or it's just me?

Thanks in advance


Hello @eyeway10 ,

Is it possible that you did not successfully complete the steps of the previous challenge(s)?

I suggest that you go to the sandbox site ( and terminate the Blank sandbox.

Then re-enter the Challenge. It should initialize the graph to where it should be at the beginning of the Testing the Model Challenge.



i got the same error and i am pretty sure the answer is right ..

Hello @khangdo and welcome to the Neo4j Community.

Unfortunately, you graph is not correct so your answers are wrong.

Is it possible that you added relationships more than once?

I suggest that you do the following:

  1. Go to the sandbox site and terminate the sandbox for the course. (right down arrow to see the sandbox actions)
  2. Refresh the Challenge page in the course. It will take a minute or so the the new sandbox to be created. (wait until you see $neo4j in the embedded sandbox pane.
  3. Always use the embedded sandbox for your work in the challenges as it has the code to reset the sandbox for the challenge and validate your work.


YES,, you are right.. i have to delete the blank sandbox and re-run it again.. it is working now. thanks.

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