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graph academy - building neo4j applications with python - no .env file

Node Clone

I have enrolled on the building "Neo4j applications with Python" course on Neo4j's GraphAcademy and am stuck early in the process with Setting Environment Variables. I've installed the dependencies (FLASK etc.) but don't seem to have an .env file for the next part...

Setting Environment Variables

This project will read environment variables from the .env file located in the project root.

The project contains an example file at .env.example. You can run the following command in your terminal window to copy the example file to .env.

cp .env.example .env

But when I try to run this in the shell I get the following error:

cp: .env.example: No such file or directory

I don't seem to have a .env file in any of the newly created folders in the sandbox. Can anyone help with this?


Hello @stephflint ,

Are you in the root directory when you attempt the copy?


Hej Elaine,

I believe so - I've tried in a few different directories and keep getting the same message

Hey @stephflinthere is the file you're after.  if you skip to the next lesson it will give you new values to use in that file so you can create it from scratch there.

Let me know if you're still having problems.


Hi Adam, thanks for the reply. 

I restarted the project and now get this... In the .env file I'm telling flask to use a development environment but it returns this error

Error: Could not locate a Flask application. You did not provide the "FLASK_APP" environment variable, and a "" or "" module was not found in the current directory.

Dotfiles are hidden from the UI by default so that may be the issue.  You could use a text editor to create a `.env` file in the root and copy and paste the values from the lesson.  You'll need this file once you get to the first challenge anyway