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Exercise 14.6 - Intro to Neo4j 4.0

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Note that as I go through the exercises, I am testing out "what if" scenarios. This exercise has two parts, asking for ('real OR world') and then also ('real AND world').

Using ('real or world') works.
Using ('real' OR 'world') does not work. (errors)
Using ('real | world') works. (pipe substituted for 'or')
Using ('real and world') does not work. (same results as using 'or')

Also, I see that using toLower() or toUpper() are not needed in this context.

Would you please explain the logic behind each of these? Just looking for a deeper understanding.


Hello @begloria.c3

Sorry I missed your question.

Using ('real' OR 'world') does not work. (errors) has an extra ' in it is that why you get errors?

In order to understand how full-text schema indexes work, you need to understand how lucene searches work. They are not "intuitive".

I suggest you look here to better understand how lucene works: