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Exercise 13.4: Open a second Neo4j Browser session


How? Clicking the "Open" button doesn't appear to do anything if an existing Neo4j Browser window is already open.


If you have Neo4j Browser open in Neo4j Desktop already, you open a second Neo4j Browser session by going to http://localhost:7474 in a Web browser.



I tired that, but it is asking for a username/password? The training doesn't indicate what to do here.

The username is neo4j and the password is whatever password you specified when you created the database. If you cannot remember the password for y our database, you can reset it by clicking the Manage button for the database and selecting the tab to change the password.



Hi Elaine,

I didn't create the database. It is the "Sample database" that came with the Neo4j Desktop application when I installed it.

I went in and changed the password, now I cannot login at all!!!

When I opened the Neo4j browser previously, it didn't ask for a username or password. Now I am prompted for a username and password. When I enter the username "neo4j" and the password I set, I get an error " Neo.ClientError.Security.Unauthorized: The client is unauthorized due to authentication failure."

I can't change the password anymore either. Now I get "Set password failed: Error: Failed to change the password". This type of message isn't really helpful is it?

It looks like changing the password has completely messed it up. How do I fix it now? This is not a good user experience.

What version of Neo4j Desktop are you using?

There may be something amiss where a Neo4j process did not shut down the database properly. Can you try restarting your system and seeing if you can then change the password of the database and wait until. you get the database password changed confirmation?

I don't know what Web browser you are using, but you might also try to log in "incognito" so that the Web browser does not remember previous login credentials as you want to use the new credentials.

Let us know if you continue to have a problem with the credentials for this Sample Database.


Hi Elaine,

I rebooted my PC.
Trying to reset the password still doesn't work. It gives the very unhelpful message - "
Set password failed: Error: Failed to change the password".

When I click the "Start" button, there is a "Password has been changed" popup window asking to enter the Graph password. When I enter the password and click the "Save" button, it gives the error - "Failed - not a valid password.".

If I click the "Ignore" button, and then click the "Open" button again, I am no longer presented with the "Password has been changed" popup, instead it requests a username and password. I enter "neo4j" and the password and I get the error - " Neo.ClientError.Security.Unauthorized: The client is unauthorized due to authentication failure."

All this is from the Neo4j desktop application - not a web browser.

This product is not very user friendly and appears not stable.


I pulled the plug and uninstalled and re-installed Neo4j Desktop - something I shouldn't have had to do but the Product became unusable after I performed the suggested action of resetting the password.

So I am now back to my original problem:

In the exercises -
Page - "Exercise 13.4: Open a second Neo4j Browser session (Solution)"
Instruction: "If you are using Neo4j Desktop, open a Web browser window and enter http://localhost:7474 which opens a second Neo4j Browser window that has access to the same graph."

It is asking for a username/password? The training doesn't indicate what to do here.

What is the username and password for the "Sample database" that comes already created with the installation of Neo4j Desktop? As previously stated, I did not set a password as it was already created.

I have a query into our engineering group to see if there are valid credentials for this database so you can access it via a Web browser.

When this course was written, the student was responsible for creating the database. Earlier in the course, you were instructed to create a project and a database. In creating a database, you control what the password for the database is. For now, I suggest that you simply stop the Sample database and create a new database in your project and use your own database. That way you will know the credentials for the database for accessing via a Web browser.



Hi Elaine, when I started the course I watched the video " Getting Started with Neo4j Desktop V1.2.3 on Windows". It uses a version of the Neo4j Desktop which doesn't match the current version. It talked about creating a "Graph" with an "Add Graph" button. I was confused because I didn't have an "Add Graph" button. This was a barrier to my understanding. It was not clear to me that the use of a Database I created was a requirement of the training. The "Sample database" was already created so I assumed that is what I was meant to use for the training. If the "Sample database" should not be used for the training, this should be more clearly stated.

I can understand your frustration. The course that we have online was written for Neo4j 3.5 and an earlier version of Neo4j Desktop.

They have changed the UI for Desktop dramatically. Here are the latest videos that we have for getting started with Neo4j Desktop:


The 4.0 version of our online courses will be published soon!


Node Link

I am using v4.0.3 and just came to this same section, which led me to this thread. I did create a new database and was able to successfully launch it using http://localhost:7474 with neo4j as the user and the password I selected when I created the database. For anyone coming to this and not seeing the New button, it's in the upper-left corner, to the right of the title "Projects":

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