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Didn't receive the e-mail with PDF of certificate/Neo4j Certified Professional badge not yet shown

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Hi Neo4j team,

I have completed the Neo4j Certified Professional certification:

I have access to it from 'My Achievements', but still I didn't receive the e-mail with the link to the PDF of the certificate.
Furthermore, in Neo4j community, I still don't have the Neo4j Certified Professional badge.

Could you please help on this ?

Many Thanks,



Hello @Amr_Jazouli ,

We are no longer providing PDF certificates. All certifications are online in GraphAcademy. Did you see your certification in GraphAcademy?

I will check with the Neo4j Community team about your badge in Community.


Hi @elaine_rosenber ,

Thank you for your prompt response.

Yes, I am able to see the certificate in GraphAcademy. However, in Neo4j community, I still don't have the badge.


We are aware of the "badge" issue in Community and we are working to solve it.


Hi Elaine,

I got my NEO4J certificate after passing the exam. But didn't  receive see my badge yet. Can you please advice any thing else I need to do to get the Neo4j certified Badge?




Hello @vuppalanchi ,

Not sure what you are referring to as badge. When you pass the exam, you get the Neo4j Certified Professional certificate that you can share with others and you are eligible for a t-shirt.

Are you are referring to the Certified Professional badge in Community?


Hello @vuppalanchi ,

Unfortunately, the automation that created badges in Community for Neo4j Certified Developers is currently not working. We will eventually fix this issue, but cannot guarantee when it will be fixed.