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csv import into neo4j sandbox - executed but validator did not confirm

Hello, in certification question, upload csv to neo4j sandox I did all tasks, ran queries and received confirmation, that data are uploaded. It confirmed. 

In the sandbox pane confirmed 1097 nodes: MATCH (n) RETURN count(n)
It confirmed 4065 nodes: 

MATCH ()-[r]->() RETURN count(r)

But the validator says it was not correct, over the fact it is.


@sarkapribylova ,

If the validation did not pass, then check how you mapped the fields.

1. Did you change their names correctly?

2. Did you change their types correctly?

You can reset the graph so you can rerun the import with:





I'm having the same issue. I've got the correct record counts, mapped the fields correctly as far as I see them, but the validation failed. I tried from scratch a couple of times and got the same issue.
How can we get a more detailed log of what's wrong or missing?

I *think* I have found the reason for the verification failure that is occurring for me at least.  I re-ran the import using the "solution mapping file" at and the verification passed,  Then I compared this mapping file with the non-working mapping file that I had previously downloaded.

What I found was that when I carried out the mapping exercise, all the ID fields where interpreted by the importer as Integer type, whereas in the working solution file they are all string type.

I can find no mention in the instructions to set the type for these fields to string; but of course I cannot verify this as the fix as I now cannot reset the lesson to test my theory

There as been a new release of the Data Importer whereby any field that ends with "ID", "Id", "id" is automatically typed as Integer.  We will need to update the course to reflect that change.


Thank you Elaine!

Node Link


I'm also having the same issue...tried multiple times and getting the correct node and relationship counts but failing validation

We will be updating this course soon to use the new Data Importer app.


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