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Building Neo4j Applications with .NET - tests fail


I am struggling to get the tests to pass in this course, but looking at the code, I am struggling to see how they ever would pass. The first test file tests the initialisation of the driver with the stored authentication values from appsettings.json (which passes), the instantiation of the driver with just var driver=Neo4j.Driver, which also passes, and then the third uses the same line of code and tries to verify connectivity, and fails. As the code, as I see it at least, makes no reference to the saved credentials, I don't see how this ever could work. Later tests also instantiate the MovieService in the same way and fail similarly.

Is this just wrong or am I missing something?



Hello @jbaynham,

Did you update the settings in The Neo4j Sandbox lesson?  The file you should have modified is: Neoflix/appsettings.json


Hi Elaine,

Yes I did. I think my problem was that I was trying to run the tests individually, whereas they need to be run in order for the later ones to work.

Thanks, Jeremy



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