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Bolt Connection Error -No connection found, did you connect to Neo4j?


I am doing intermediate Cypher Queries course. I started getting this error after completing about 8% course. Bolt Connection Error -No connection found, did you connect to Neo4j? How to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance for your help.



After trying for some time, I got a Connect to Neo4j window in which I entered the credentials for the connection (Authentication type Username/Password). Now I get the following error - "Server is taking long time to respond. ServiceUnavailable: Failed to establish connection in 30000ms"

It's possible that there is expired connection data in your cookies for your browser. Can you try clearing cookies and refreshing the GraphAcademy page?


I logged out and logged in from new browser window in incognito mode. That did not work

I cleared cookies and refreshed the GraphAcademy page. Get this error  ServiceUnavailable: Failed to establish connection in 30000ms while connecting to the sandbox

From where are you connecting?  Does the sandbox exist? If you are using the embedded sandbox for the course (which uses the Recommendations sandbox), it will automatically recreate the sandbox if it does not exist.  It may take a few minutes before you see the $neo4j prompt.  There is not VPN or ad blocker interfering is there?


There is no VPN or ad blocker. The sandbox was working fine till day before yesterday. There was a notification for termination of the sandbox yesterday. Subsequently when I logged in to the course, a new sandbox was created. And I worked a bit on the course last night. So yes, the sandbox exists.  It is still shown. It is the Recommendations sandbox - the embedded sandbox from the course.  But today it is not working.

There may have been a sandbox outage. I lost my connection to a sandbox I was working with and I had to reconnect.

You might try:
1. Going to the sandbox site and terminating the Recommendations sandbox.

2. Sign out of GraphAcademy.

3. Clear all cookies.

4. Sign back in to GraphAcademy and continue to the course.





I deleted this sandbox and created a new one. It is working fine.

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