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Didn't receive certification email

Hi, last week I passed the certification at night. I passed it with the email registered under this account, and registering my full name. I got a message saying I would receive the certification in 1 hour, but I never got it.    I also sent multiple...

Resolved! Neo4j schema

I have created schema (graph model) for my Neo4j database using Hacolade, is this schema just for domain knowledge or we can upload this schema to Neo4j and we can apply Hacolade schema validations and restrictions to Neo4j ?

About the Data Science Certificate

I can see my certificate but when I opened it the badge images is not showing and also the pdf format is not available. Attached is the screenshot for more clarification.     Warm Regards, Amit Kumar

Data Importer throws Error

Course:Importing CSV Data into Neo4j Data Importer throws error when Run Import is clicked: An Error Occurred: Failed to construct 'WebSocket': An insecure WebSocket connection may not be initiated from a page loaded over HTTPS. I am using in-course ...

Resolved! Limiting Results answer

Hi there, in the Limiting Results section of the Intermediate Cypher Queries course, I've input the same query as was used in the "Hint" and "Show Solution".   I even copied and pasted the solution into the sandbox.  The answer of "Ring of Terror" is...

Resolved! BoltConnectionError in Academy

I'm in the middle of a GraphAcademy course. I get "BoltConnectionError No connection found, did you connect to Neo4j?" in the sandbox. I have no idea what this means, and I don't recall connecting to anything? I'm afraid this isn't very helpful or us...

Resolved! Property validation

Is there any way to create constraints on properties like string maximum and minimum length ?  I want my query throw an exception if i created a node with property violating the max length constraint for example 

Resolved! Cannot run Flask (Python version 3.9.7)

Hi, I've seen some errors occurring with Flask and Python version 3.10 but I have 3.9.7 and am getting the following error when trying to do 'flask run' in the Terminal shell.Any help appreciated!     Usage: flask run [OPTIONS] Try 'flask run --help'...