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Resolved! Data import Issue

I am trying to use data importer for uploading csv file , but when i click connect to my Neo4j desktop app it refuses connection and throws this exception :  Neo4jError WebSocket connection failure. Due to security constraints in your web browser, ...

Unable to order T-shirt

Hello Neo4j team, I completed the Neo4j Certified Professional exam, I connected to '' to order the T-shirt, but I got 'Internal Server Error'. I used the same credentials to connect to '

Resolved! Answer Format

I am taking Neo4j Graph Data Science Fundamentals, but I can't pass the challenge section. I would like to know at least the answer format.  What is the expected format of the Shortest Path problem. ID1,ID2,ID3? Or ID1->ID2->ID3?

yone by Node
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Resolved! Creating graph for specific logic

I came from RDF graph database background and i used to isolate my logic by creating graph for some logic  for example ; In my application i upload specific plant data so i create graph for every plant to be able to remove all graph data without affe...

Neo4j Certificate Professional

Hello Neo4j Team,   It has been 48 hours since I wrote the Neo4j Certified Professional exam which I passed. I have not received the link to print my certificate. My email address is I would be very grateful if...

efoli by Node
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I would like to use LOAD CSV together with CASE. Depending on a value in one of the columns of each line, nodes with varying label should be created. In my example, I am dealing with two labels ("Input" and "Variable"). I tried the following: LOAD CS...

Import Using Cypher has an issue

In Chapter Import Using Cypher, I met an memory issue in the sandbox. When I run cmd "MATCH (n) DETACH DELETE n" The console shows:  Neo.TransientError.General.MemoryPoolOutOfMemoryError The allocation of an extra 2.0 MiB would use more than the l...

XiChen by Node
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unique property

I am trying to create node but with unique specific property to get the node by this property , knowing that this property is the name in my project nodes , please anyone explains how neo4j handles the uniqueness 

Modeling issue

I have an issue with modeling in my business  tag has two types of alarms : state and analog alarm  the tag must have one alarm : state or analog alarm  knowing that i don't have any unique property about alarm , how can it be modelled ?  the logic i...