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Resolved! queries cross graphs

Hello, I'm using a composite database KB that includes two graphs KB.actors and KB.searches I need to get information about actors that are in KB.actors graph using ids of actors that are the result of a filtre on KB.searches. I tried this query: U...

amina by Node Link
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Unable to place t-shirt order

I have completed the professional certification exam and when I am trying to submit the t-shirt form it is throwing message " Your order request has failed because we could not verify that you met the requirements. You must be a certified professiona...

Unable to place T-Shirt order

Hi  @elaine_rosenber , I am unable to order the t-shirt after passing the certification. I am getting the following message: Your order request has failed because we could not verify that you met the requirements. You must be a certified professional...

data processing graph

Hi, I'm a noob and I've just finished my very first neo4j-fundamentals-course. I'd like to import my own test-data to play around with, it's about input-output-relationships between data- and codeobjects (an inventory of some data processing environm...

problem in GraphAcademy

Hello, the neo4j academy website is experiencing problems in the lesson 'Retrieving Nodes'. The sandbox screen displays the following message: 'You can also try logging into Neo4j Sandboxwith your GraphAcademy credentials and select the movies datase...

weinny by Node
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Resolved! Data import Issue

I am trying to use data importer for uploading csv file , but when i click connect to my Neo4j desktop app it refuses connection and throws this exception :  Neo4jError WebSocket connection failure. Due to security constraints in your web browser, ...

Challenge: native Projection issue

Hi,  i'm following the Introduction to data science course and 'im stuck at the Native projection challenge. My attempts can be wrong, but i'm copy-pasting the suggested solution in the Sanbox and the result i'm obtaining is still uncorrect.  I chang...

scrpzz by Node
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Sandbox not working

Hello everyone,I am unable to continue the Cypher Fundamentals course, because the sandbox in the "Retrieving Nodes" challenge is not working. I get this error "Error fetching sandbox" with message "Failed to fetch". I tried restarting the tab, closi...