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Exercise 8.12, Intro to neo4j v 4.0.3

I've now gone through exercise 8 up to 8.12 twice. The first time I would read an exercise then type out how I thought the answer should be formed, go to the next page (where the solution displays) and check to ensure what I wrote matched before play...

Question about exercise 5.11

I have a question about exercise 5.11: ‘Retrieve the actors who have acted in exactly five movies, returning the name of the actor, and the list of movies for that actor.’ The solution in the course is as follows: MATCH (a:Person)-[:ACTED_IN]->(m:Mov...

e_boter by Node
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Exercises 4.9 using CONTAINS (v4.0.3)

This works: MATCH (m:Movie) WHERE m.tagline CONTAINS 'love' RETURN m.title This does not work: MATCH (m:Movie) WHERE toLower(m.tagline) CONTAINS 'love' RETURN m.title The error is "Expected a string value for 'toLower', but got: NO_VALUE..." Same err...

Question about exercise 6.3

Exercise 6.3 reads as follows: “The results returned from the previous query returns the collection of movie titles with duplicates. That is because there are multiple actors per released year. Next, modify the query so that there is no duplication o...

Exercise 3.3 CODE HELP

Looking to create code for Exercise 3.3 for the below question: *** Retrieve all people connected with a particular movie.** Inputted the below code but received an error MATCH (p:Person)->(:Movie {title:"A League of their Own"}) Return p What am I d...

Square one

So I would like to ask the simplest question out there. But where better to ask. In the graph academy: Neo4j-administration, managing a neo4j database I am asked to enter "bin/neo4j-admin set-initial-password newPassword" to change password. I have b...

Online Neo4j Admin quiz question 5.2

I went through the online training, except having trouble on only one question in Admin online training (Security 5.2). I thought the answer should be all of the answers . However, it did not went through. My understanding is that it requires SSL p...

poonsfci by Node Link
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Resolved! Graph Academy 2MATCH patterns

In graphacademy/online-training/ Part 5 . we retrieve the actors who acted in the same movies as Keanu Reeves , but not when Hugo Weaving acted in the same movie. MATCH (keanu:Person)-[:ACTED_IN]->(movie:Movie)<-[:ACTED_IN]-(n:Person), (hugo:Perso...