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Deleting Emil

Hi, I'm trying out the academy course challenge : Emil Eifrem is not really an actor! We no longer want him in the database. Write the code to delete his node in the graph. With the below code but it says incorrect and I'm unable to continue. Match ...

Didn't receive my certificate by email

Hello, I've passed the certification exam last night :) neo4j profile also reflects that. However, I haven't yet received my passing certificate by email. I have to send the passing certificate to my Manager. Do you know who should I contact for...

Refresh Sandbox

I'm working on the Adding Role Node. I tried to run a query to create these nodes and relationships but made a minor error. However in that script I nulled out the role name in the ACTED_IN relationship already, so I can't try to rerun this again. Is...

Neo4j Certificate Professional

Hello Neo4j Team,   It has been 48 hours since I wrote the Neo4j Certified Professional exam which I passed. I have not received the link to print my certificate. My email address is I would be very grateful if...

efoli by Node
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Issue with data and deleting imported data

Hi, I am trying to import some data which has dates. However I realized the date fields were not imported in the nodes. I had marked them as integer while importing. Do I have to format dates in specific format in CSV before importing? And integer da...

Uddesh by Node
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Resolved! Missing test database

Hi everyone, I recently started the advanced cypher course but my queries are not running. I suspect that my test database is missing. May I know how I can resolve this? Regards, Joseph

caburj by Node
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Didn't receive certification email

Hi, last week I passed the certification at night. I passed it with the email registered under this account, and registering my full name. I got a message saying I would receive the certification in 1 hour, but I never got it.    I also sent multiple...