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Building Neo4j Applications with Node.js

Hello I'm facing some issue regarding neoflix-ui app. Method to remove a movie from my favorite list returns an error `` TypeError: service.remove is not a function` The code in favorite.service.js file seems ok, I don't see where is the problem: ``...

Sandbox in Cypher Fundamentals not working

I've been working through the Cypher Fundamentals training and for the last couple of days everything has been fine.  However, in the middle of a session I've lost the ability to connect to the Sandbox.   I am connected to the sandbox Movie database ...

GregW by Node
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Sandbox is not working

I am unable to complete the challenges in courses as site is failed to fetch the sandbox details in all the challenges. An error message is displayed while using sandbox every time: Error fetching sandbox

Palak by Node
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Cannot create new database from dump-file

I'm in the online training "Applied graph data science for web applications". Download of the dump-file "yelp-40.dump" was successful. Import in the new project (Yelp) was successful. When I click the 3 dots of the file-area, there is no menuepoint t...

Graph Academy Spelling Errors

Loving Graph Academy so far; it's a fantastic resource! However, I've noticed quite a few spelling errors throughout the first 3 courses. I've not kept track of them all but the most recent I noticed was "Having this type of instance model will help ...