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Square one

So I would like to ask the simplest question out there. But where better to ask. In the graph academy: Neo4j-administration, managing a neo4j database I am asked to enter "bin/neo4j-admin set-initial-password newPassword" to change password. I have b...

Online Neo4j Admin quiz question 5.2

I went through the online training, except having trouble on only one question in Admin online training (Security 5.2). I thought the answer should be all of the answers . However, it did not went through. My understanding is that it requires SSL p...

poonsfci by Node Link
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Resolved! Graph Academy 2MATCH patterns

In graphacademy/online-training/ Part 5 . we retrieve the actors who acted in the same movies as Keanu Reeves , but not when Hugo Weaving acted in the same movie. MATCH (keanu:Person)-[:ACTED_IN]->(movie:Movie)<-[:ACTED_IN]-(n:Person), (hugo:Perso...

Exercise 5.12 solution

Hi all, Just checking whether my solution for exercise 5.12 would be considered equivalent to the solution the course provided? My solution: MATCH (m:Movie)<-[:DIRECTED]-(d:Person) WITH count(d) AS numDirectors, m WHERE numDirectors >= 2 OPTIONAL MAT...

Using cypher-shell

Hi everyone. Yesterday I started the Neo4j Administration online course, and it was very tough to get the environment running, but it is done. Just installed an Enterprise Edition 4.0.2 at AWS EC2 using this image ami-0f24860fa3df6493f. During the Cl...