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Cannot run the online training AT ALL

It's like it wasn't even tested. You run the first exercise. Fine, after a lot of squirreling around with errors, it seems to run the Graph initialization in the notebook... then you get to the second exercise and it tells you that py2neo isn't insta...

fjblau by Node
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Exploratory Data Analysis. Exercise 1

Hi. Since three days ago, I have triying to connect my sandbox proyect with the graph of the example but when I execute the next code: graph = Graph("bolt://", auth=("neo4j", "pots-aluminum-groom")) with my credentials and after th...

Spelling error in Module 6

Error - doubled IT IT: Using MERGE to create relationships is expensive and you should only do it when you need to ensure that a relationship is unique and you are not sure it it already exists. Need to fix with IF IT

Resolved! Question about Cypher statement in Exersice 4.10

Dear Neo4j Community, I just started to learn Neo4j and have some trouble understanding the logic behind two similar Cypher statements I used in exercise 4.10 The question in the exercise is: Retrieve all people who have produced a movie, but have n...

Graph Academy Quizzes

Hi, I've just learned Neo4j and Cypher. In the Quizzes section of 'Advanced Queries'. Question 1: Suppose you want to add a WHERE clause at the end of this statement to filter the results retrieved. MATCH (p:Person)-[rel]->(m:Movie)<-[:PRODUCED]-(:...