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Error to create constraint and index on Movie

Today I cannot create named constraint or index. I am getting following error. Command - CREATE INDEX PersonBornIndex FOR (p:Person) ON (p.born) Error- Invalid input 'P': expected whitespace, comment, ON, '=', node labels, MapLiteral, a parameter, a ...

Question about index creation in Sandbox

Dear Neo4j Community, I have a question about Neo4j indexes and could not find the answer anywhere else and hope this is the right category for this as I thought it might be a newbie question. I am using Neo4j Sandbox and the Recommendations dataset....

pska752 by Node Link
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Resolved! Use the "identity" property in a query

In the database when opened with neo4j browser, I have noticed that for every node that is created in the database, it is assigned with a property "identity". I want to know if this "identity" property can be queried upon and if so, how.

Resolved! Exercise 3.2

In exercise 3.2, we have to retrieve all people who have written "other" movies, i.e movies other than one with the 'title' - Speed Racer I'm trying something like MATCH (p:Person)-[not :WROTE]->(:Movie {title:"Speed Racer"}) return p but its not wor...

Exercise 14.6 - Intro to Neo4j 4.0

Note that as I go through the exercises, I am testing out "what if" scenarios. This exercise has two parts, asking for ('real OR world') and then also ('real AND world'). Alternatives: Using ('real or world') works. Using ('real' OR 'world') does not...

Couldn't login into sign in into Graph Academy

Hello guys, how are you today? So, I was willing to take an online training and failed due to the sign in button is not working for me. I've tried in Chrome, Edge Chromium and Opera, same results. Did anyone face this issue as well? I click over and ...