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Not able view watch the training video

Hi, I am not able to watch online training for neo4j any url from this link: I tried chrome and firefox, all the video having this error Error while loading the data, please refresh the page. Please ch...

Graph Academy website unable to load courses

Hello everyone, Just wondering if anyone has notice issues with accessing the Graph Academy website This problem is not only seen in the course for "creating nodes and relationships" module but it can be seen for other modules, despite refreshing the...

DMF194 by Node Clone
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Unable to connect to the Movie DBMS

Hi, I am using the Neo4j Desktop version 1.4.9 and as per the instructions post-installation, I tried connecting to the database but it is asking for a password and if I skip the password it does not connect and gives an error stating "The client is ...

Resolved! Hierarchy of accessibility outdated?

In the Neo4j query tuning course, we learn the Hierarchy of accessibility But, knowing that from version 4.3 we can now create index on a relationship property and therefore I guess anchor on a relationship, is this Hierarchy of accessibility outdate...

Resolved! Using WHERE to Filter Queries Question 3 Answers

In the Neo4j training course " Querying with Cypher in Neo4j 4.x, " Question 3 in the "Check Your Understanding" section asks "We want a query that returns the names of any people who both acted in and wrote the same movie. What query will retrieve t...

Counting actors' total number of roles

Hi all, I'm studying Neo4j and faced with a problem I can't seem to solve by myself. I'm working with the sample movie dataset and having troubles solving the following problem: Which five actors have acted in the largest number of movies and what is...