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Circle Algorithm

Hy community,I am looking for a method (algorithm, APOC, ...) that allows me to find the greatest number of cycles within a connected graph.Looking to Dijkstra, K coloring, ...Any suggestions, please?Thank you have a nice week end.Rinaldo 

Resolved! Don't show the text of the relationship on the arrow

HI all, Newbie question here and I'm almost certain that this has already been asked and I apologize for the repetition. That said, I'm trying to not show the text on the arrow between two nodes in a graph display on the browser. Since I know that al...

rich2 by Node
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Finding Emil

Hi - just evaluating Neo4J for our company - and thought I'd try the academy training. Didn't take long to gets stuck As far as I can see Emil Eifrem didn't act in any movie. This query: MATCH (p:Person)-[:ACTED_IN]->(m:Movie) WHERE p:Person = 'Emil...

sjoffe by Node
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Graph data modeling Testing the model error

Hi all, I was trying to do answer the questions at the end of that page and although I am pretty sure my answers are correct I am getting an " OOPS! It looks like you haven't passed the test, please try again." message. Did anyone else faced with thi...