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Resolved! Correct answer not accepted in Snadbox

Hello, I'm currently enrolled in the Graph Data Modelling Fundamental course and I am having an issue with certain queries If I write  MATCH (u:User)-[:RATED]-(m:Movie)WHERE m.title="Apollo 13"RETURN count(*) AS "Number of reviewers") I get an error ...

Full Name not added in Certification

Dear Neo4j Certification team,I hope this is the right discussion thread to be posting this in, but i was wondering if my full name "Ryan Nazareth" could be included in my certification which i recently achieved

Problem with Intermediate Cypher Queries Course

Hi Everybody, I'm study to get the  Neo4j Certification, but I got some problems 3 questions of  Intermediate Cypher Queries Course. The problem is that the system does not accept the answer that it should be correct (including the answer suggested i...

Python Course test three Attribute Error

I haven't seen anyone else posting with this issue, so its probably something I did on accident that broke the test. Nonetheless, just in case someone else runs into this issue, I am posting about it here. I have also provided feedback in the course ...

RSam3 by Node Link
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Flask configuration for training

Hello, I'm trying to setup the Neo4J-Flask course but, after some tries I still receive the same error when launch Flask run command: "Error: While importing 'api', an ImportError was raised." below the full cmd log. New to Flask configuration (Windo...