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Resolved! Graph Academy: Importing CSV Data : Data Importer

I am in the section using the Neo4j Data Importer ( looks like the check database function is not working correctly. Even on an empty database its throw...

test failing driver connect

When I try to initiate and connect with a new driver and run "npm run test 01"  I get test fails.    I checkout the git checkout 01-connect-to-neo4j  and add my uri, user, password and run npm run test 01 and it passes.   So I copied the entire file ...

DrAli by Node
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Typo in the Neo4j Typescript tutorial

On the writing data page, #2 says: "The Cypher statement is already written for you. Call the session.executeRead() method, passing a callback function to represent the unit of work." From the rest of the code & the solution in the repository, I'm pr...

Neo.ClientError.Statement.SyntaxError using |

I am stumped here -  Trying to do a simple match on Node labels.  I copied DIRECTLY from the cypher manual the code  MATCH (n:Movie|Person)RETURN AS name, n.title ...

DrAli by Node
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