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Sandbox connection details not working

Hi.  I'm trying to do the exercise (importing data via CSV into Data Importer) in course  Importing CSV Data into Neo4j but the credentials are not working.  I need the credentials to work so I can complete the course, specifically run the Neo4j impo...

Sandbox doesn't work

While trying to run queries from the tutorial: get an error in the console and after that running any query is unavailable. It simply disappears and that's it.Er...

Implementing KNN with cosine similarity

Hi/HelloI am trying to implement a KNN with cosine Similarity, but I found a strange issue that is the following: I checked the official documentation and I implemented some predefined codes to be familiar with KNN in neo4j, the problem was that insi...

What is the difference ?

MATCH (m:Movie {title: 'Get Out'})SET m.tagline = 'Gripping, scary, witty and timely!',m.released = 2017 vs MATCH (m:Movie {title: 'Get Out'})SET m.tagline = 'Gripping, scary, witty and timely!'SET m.released = 2017

tmaddy by Node
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Why is WITH statement not required here?

I am currently doing this Cypher Graph Modelling Course Adding a Role Node | GraphAcademy ( was wondering why don't we need the with keyword in the example shown? // Find an actor that acted in a Movie MATCH (a:Actor)-[r:ACTED_IN]->(m:Movi...

Resolved! What does WITH do? Graph Academy Question

I'm currently doing the course "Graph Data Modeling Fundamentals"( and I'm very confused about what exactly happens to the data after a WITH is used. I've read the documentation from the N...

gq16 by Node Link
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Resolved! BoltConnectionError in Academy

I'm in the middle of a GraphAcademy course. I get "BoltConnectionError No connection found, did you connect to Neo4j?" in the sandbox. I have no idea what this means, and I don't recall connecting to anything? I'm afraid this isn't very helpful or us...