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Administration Training Issue

Node Clone

Hi There,
I am facing some issues in online administration training. In one of the module the module "Casual Clustering in Neo4j" when i tried to run the command, "echo "CALL dbms.cluster.overview();" | /var/lib/neo4j/bin/cypher-shell -u neo4j -p training-helps" I am getting the error, "The client is unauthorized due to authentication failure." looks like the password for the docker machine is wrong?

Training Name : Neo4j Administration
Module: Causal Clustering in Neo4j
Section: Exercise #2: Seeding the cluster databases
Exercise steps : step-2 snippet, echo "CALL dbms.cluster.overview();" | /var/lib/neo4j/bin/cypher-shell -u neo4j -p training-helps

Link :

I couldn't continue the training further, so if someone can help me that will be great. Also, I am not sure if changing the password will impact the other cluster instance that i have created.

Thanks in advance.



Hello Mahendar,

You successfully completed Exercise 1 where you changed the password for the user, neo4j for all three instances? Did you change it to "training-helps"?

Do you see anything in the debug.log for these instances after they start up?


Node Clone

Thanks Elaine. Yes, it's password issue. All good now.