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About the Data Science Certificate


I can see my certificate but when I opened it the badge images is not showing and also the pdf format is not available.

Attached is the screenshot for more clarification.  


Warm Regards,
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar

Hello @amit783 ,

Our Badges in GraphAcademy cannot be downloaded as PDFs. You should have received an email with  a link to your certificate.

Here is the link:



Thank you for your support.

I have also completed my Neo4j Certified Professional with 85.3%

Can you please send me the URL for downloading the certificate.


Warm Regards,
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar

We now have certificates available from GraphAcademy.

1. Sign in to GraphAcademy at

2. At the top of the page, Select My Account > My Achievements

3. Click on your certificate.

4. If you scroll down on the certificate page, you will see options for sharing it with others.

Let us know if you do not see your certificate there.

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