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2022 GraphConnect Scavenger Hunt

Community Team
Community Team

Hello and welcome to the 2022 GraphConnect Scavenger Hunt!

During GraphConnect on June 7th and June 8th at the Dev Zone, you will have the opportunity to complete Tasks from the list below. Once the required number of tasks have been completed, you can show proof of completion to any of the Community team staff located at the Community table within the DevZone and you will be given a  ticket for the drawing(s).

One winning ticket will be selected at random during the daily drawing at 4:00 pm on June 7th and another winning ticket will be selected at 3:00pm on June 8th, 2022.  NOTE:  A winner must be present at the drawing with his/her ticket in order to claim the prize.      

In order to be eligible for the drawing(s), you must click here to review the Hunt rules and agree to comply with them.  No purchase necessary to participate or win a prize.

How do I participate?

Simple! You have already started by scanning the QR code found in the Dev Corner! 

  1. Next, make sure you are registered here at the new Neo4j Community!
    - This is how we will track your progress and confirm you have completed the tasks.
  2. Click on each of the links below to see what needs to be done to complete each task. There is also a QR code at each station that will provide you with details.
  3. Once two of the below scavenger hunt tasks are completed, notify one of the Community team members and you will be given your  ticket for the drawing.
    -The Community team members can be located in the Dev Zone at the Community table.

(Note: While you only need to complete 2 of the items below to complete the scavenger hunt, but if you have time do them all - they are fun!)

Scavenger Hunt Item #1 - Get a custom shirt

Scavenger Hunt Item #2 - Get your caricature done

Scavenger Hunt Item #3 - Visit the Video Booth (Recording a video is optional)

  • Participants who visit the video booth will also receive a Bonus ticket for the drawing.

Scavenger Hunt Item #4 - Search the event for the hidden QR codes.

  • Participants who find and scan the hidden QR Code will also receive a unique reward.  (As supplies last, first come first serve.)

Good luck, and have fun!

Community Specialist
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