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Visualizing (patient) data ordered by event date

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I wish to be able to visualize a graph database of patient events and care so that I can readily, for a single patient, see all of the events for that patient visualized in the order in which they occur. I am using synthea data and am importing it in a manner similar to that discussed in Modeling Patient Journeys with Neo4j | by Matt Holford | Neo4j Developer Blog | Medium

I am running into two issues:

  • The first issue I am having is returning a dataset of all relevant nodes for the one patient. I am guessing that to do this I have to somehow lavel either the nodes or the edges for patient data and the do a recursive search. (It would be very helpful to see an example of this for synthea or similar data)

  • The second issue I am having is ordering a visualization of that data in the graph view of Neo4J Desktop, or in some other tool.

I did try opening up Neo4J Bloom and Data Explorer for Neo4J. I failed with Neo4J (it never opened) and for the Database Explorer it told me that I needed to use https (as opposed to http).

"Please note that this application is hosted over HTTPS. Connecting to remote databases that are not SSL encrypted is not allowed by the security settings of your browser. Try loading the application over http: and/or change the 'Use Encryption' setting."

I tried changing neo4j.conf to use https but I couldn't get the browser to work after I made that change. FYI, I am running the neo4j server on a computer with address on my local area network and I am running the desktop and the browser on a different computer on the same local area network.

All help will be appreciated!

Phil Troy

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