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Use case of Neo4J

Node Link

Describe one use case that Neo4j would be a good fit

  • Why is the use case a good fit?
  • Discuss what the graph would look like.
  • What would the nodes and relationships represent?
  • What properties would be assigned to some nodes and relationships?


This is a really fantastic question.  It's so precisely worded.  I've seen many similar questions asked in things like classroom assignments.  😉

Let's discuss this.  What have you found so far online?  What do you make of it?  Of the answers that you've discovered, do you have any questions about them we can discuss?

Node Link

yes, i found this that I have pretty much used to get some understanding. I was curious about other points of view. 

My main interest is what is a unique use case you have found that neo4j solves for you and what did the graph look like?

That page is pretty good.  The use cases they mention are very similar to what Neo4j itself would tell you:


What all of the use cases they list have in common is that a strong element of the use case is "connections between things" that is, the relationships are as important (or more important) than the things themselves.

For example in social networks: yes twitter has some certain number of hundreds of millions of accounts, but the communities they form and the discussion that results is really what twitter "is", not one account.

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