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Simple GUI for basic data entry and structuring?


Is there a simple GUI with (say) drop-down selection lists, predictive text etc which allows the gradual building of a database by a db noob as he gradually learns neo4j, cypher, front-end web languages etc?

Something like:

  1. Click "Create" (Node, type, relationship, attribute)
  2. Select node(s) (predictive, from existing list of nodes?) or types of nodes
  3. Edit label

I'm sure there are major limitations to this model but as a start...?

There seem to be GUIs for querying and visualizing existing data but not creating data with its structures and properties.

The projects I have in mind would benefit from a pleasant, well laid-out data entry interface rather than using a spreadsheet and then simply displaying the data via neo4j tools.

I'm a newbie to databases in general and have some more ideas in mind. I intuitively feel like graph databases are the way to go to make these ideas happen. However, I don't want to wait until I know enough coding etc before I begin the purpose of the projects.

If something like this does not exist, can anyone direct me to an alternative that may work?


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I've been after the same thing. So far the only thing I've found is which is inadequate.


Hello @adamduus and @bruce 😊

You should have a look at the new tool called Data Importer.



I think you need to just jump in and start implanting your model. There is no magic tool. You can use arrows to develop a visual model to communicate your ideas and help refine it iteratively. As mentioned by @Cobra , the data importer is great when you have data to import. It can get you going quickly. Besides the benefits of a graph database for the right use cases, the no schema approach gives you tremendous flexibility to continuously refine your data model. As I was told by one of my thesis advisors when I was stuck researching, ‘just start!’  Things moved quickly once I did. They will too for you.

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"There is no magic tool."

Neither of us are asking for a magic tool. We're asking for something that's probably outside of Neo4j's mission, an intuitive graphical way to DRAW a knowledge map that contains a lot of qualitative important detailed information. At least that's what I've been trying to do.
--It seems to me that Neo4j's focus is on converting large existing databases to graph databases for visual analysis of large data sets. From watching youtube video, "Neo4j Data Importer Tutorial," seems better than Data Importer. My problem with Arrows is that it is a slow glitchy browser app. So I have to limit the size (number of nodes/edges) drawn into the Arrrows map. Splitting up the knowledge map / information, I make a handful of separate Arrows maps and the dump them, one after another into Neo4j.
--Neo4j's visualization from cypher queries is too limited. I've struggled wit Bloom and found it very awkward for what I'm trying to do. Sure wish that Neo4j could output a 3D file that someone viewing it could move around in that space to zoom in and out on the knowledge map to see the information. Wishes Fishes.
--I'm probably well out of Neo4j's mission and need to find another (nonexistent?) tool.



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