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Remote paid internship

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I am Bhojendra Rauniyar and I am a Software Engineer with no IT educational environment. I have gained this level from my own effort by learning and applying best practices in different companies that I have worked for.

Although, I expertise in front end development I have weak point in back end development. And thus, I started to learn programming even further and continued with neo4j and obviously I am enjoying utilizing graph database with some example projects.

Now, I feel that I can work and grab the job opportunity. But I am seriously trying to be a good developer rather than earning more money. So, I am looking for a paid internship (maybe 500 dollar per month or so). It would be my pleasure to work in any language like Python, Node.js etc. I'm a fast learner and I make sure you that I won't disappoint you if I am selected in your team.

Further for your interest, I expertise with the followings:

Photoshop: ( Web designer with 10+ years of experience)
HTML5: JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3 (Sr. front end developer with 5+ years of experience)
Vue: (Software Developer with 3+ months of experience)
React: (Software Engineer with 1+ year of experience)

The fact about vue is that I learnt a lot about vue in just 3 days while it took me 6+ months to learn react including redux. I'm stating this just to be frank.

And the basic skills on back end development using:
Node.js (express.js)
Python (Flask)
Ruby (Rails)

Please email me if you have any kind of interest regarding job opportunity to me in this address:


Thanks and Regards,
Bhojendra Rauniyar

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