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Quickly list shortest paths between 2 nodes


Hi there,

I'm new with neo4j and looking for a way to find a list of shortest paths between 2 nodes.


(:Article { id: 1 })
(:Article { id: 2 })
(:Article { id: 3 })
(:Article { id: 4 })
(:Article { id: 5 })

MATCH(a:Article), (b:Article)
WHERE = 1 and = 2
CREATE (a)-[r:LINK { position: 1}]->(b)


So in total there ~5 millions of nodes and 120 millions of such simple relations.
Nodes ids are indexed with Btree index.
Neo4j is running on AWS server with 4 vCPUs and 8 RAM.
Not all nodes are directly linked, but by their child relations they do.

General goal is to find list of shortest paths between 2 nodes sorted by depth and sum of positions.

I have tried everything from
and as i understand should work for me, but if i  change k to 3 or more it begin to work 1 minute and more.
This one works really very fast, but it returns just 1 path.

allShortestPaths also works slow for depth > 3.

Could somebody please advice how to quickly achieve list of shortest paths or point into right direction?

Thank you in advance.

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