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Hello everyone, I'm a long time fan of Neo4J and was a user myself at my last company.  I'm now the co-founder and CTO at Torc.

I have a client and partner looking for a Neo4J Expert.  It is a year long project and a bit of a "lone wolf" role 100% remote.  Feel free to drop me a personal email if I can help you out and thanks to @michael_hunger  for the recommendation to post here!


Here's the project info:
  • the team is working on a platform - it's a product whose MVP will be released in ~1 month. The team developed it from scratch, including the calculation engine.
  • Now, the team needs a Neo4j expert who will develop and refactor the code around it (mostly queries in Java) to make it work faster and according to the best practices
  • It's a "lone ranger" type of assignment, where they'll have the access to the team and stakeholders on the client side, but the whole tool is developed in .NET, running on Azure with React.js frontend - they'll be the only Java person around with Neo4j knowledge.


Helps if I left my email just my first name Dave at



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