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Neo4j cluster - analyze current log option


Hi neo4j-community,

Currently, I'm running a 3 CORE neo4j cluster setup. I have problems with analyzing queries using query analyzer for this setup. Analyze Current Log option is disabled in Neo4j Query Log Analyzer. So I'd have to export query.log files from all the members to analyze & debug, every single time.

At first, I presumed this to be a problem with my neo4j-version but when I run a single node/standalone setup this works absolutely fine. Does this mean that Analyze Current Log will work only for standalone setup & not for cluster?. Or am I missing something?.

I'm running :

  • Neo4j-version : 3.5.25-enterprise
  • Query Log Analyzer version: 1.0.2

It'd help a lot if someone can point me to right the place or provide a working example.

Thank you.