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Lord of the Wiki Ring: Importing Wikidata into Neo4j and analyzing family trees

Lord of the Wiki Ring: Importing Wikidata into Neo4j and analyzing family trees

#Neo4j #graphs #sparql #wikidata #DataScience


Graph Buddy

Hi Tomaz,
thanks for that great Blogpost. Can you tell me what to change to get it running on neo4j 4.3 ?
I think there is a problem with apoc.

Where and what is the error?

Here is the code for testing:

// import_races_query
// Prepare a SPARQL query 
WITH 'SELECT ?item ?itemLabel 
      WHERE{ ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q989255 . 
      SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language 
      "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en" } }' AS sparql 
// make a request to Wikidata
CALL apoc.load.jsonParams('' + 
                         { Accept: "application/sparql-results+json"}, null) 
YIELD value 
// Unwind results to row 
UNWIND value['results']['bindings'] as row 
// Prepare data 
WITH row['itemLabel']['value'] as race, 
     row['item']['value'] as url, 
     split(row['item']['value'],'/')[-1] as id 
// Store to Neo4j 
CREATE (r:Race) SET r.race = race, 
                    r.url = url, 
           = id;

This is the error i get:


Failed to invoke procedure apoc.load.jsonParams: Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class apoc.util.JsonUtil

Same query some hours ago i got

Failed to invoke procedure `apoc.load.jsonParams`: Caused by: java.lang.VerifyError: Stack map does not match the one at exception handler 77
Exception Details:
    com/fasterxml/jackson/databind/deser/std/StdDeserializer._parseDate(Lcom/fasterxml/jackson/core/JsonParser;Lcom/fasterxml/jackson/databind/DeserializationContext;)Ljava/util/Date; @77: astore
    Type 'com/fasterxml/jackson/core/JsonParseException' (current frame, stack[0]) is not assignable to 'com/fasterxml/jackson/core/exc/StreamReadException' (stack map, stack[0])
  Current Frame:
    bci: @69
    flags: { }
    locals: { 'com/fasterxml/jackson/databind/deser/std/StdDeserializer', 'com/fasterxml/jackson/core/JsonParser', 'com/fasterxml/jackson/databind/DeserializationContext' }
    stack: { 'com/fasterxml/jackson/core/JsonParseException' }
  Stackmap Frame:
    bci: @77
    flags: { }
    locals: { 'com/fasterxml/jackson/databind/deser/std/StdDeserializer', 'com/fasterxml/jackson/core/JsonParser', 'com/fasterxml/jackson/databind/DeserializationContext' }
    stack: { 'com/fasterxml/jackson/core/exc/StreamReadException' }
    0000000: 2bb6 0035 aa00 0000 0000 0081 0000 0003
    0000010: 0000 000b 0000 007a 0000 0081 0000 0081
    0000020: 0000 0034 0000 0041 0000 0081 0000 0081
    0000030: 0000 0081 0000 0071 2a2b b600 11b6 0012
    0000040: 2cb6 006b b02b b600 4742 a700 223a 052c
    0000050: 2ab4 0002 2bb6 006e 126f 03bd 0004 b600
    0000060: 70c0 002d 3a06 1906 b600 4c42 bb00 7159
    0000070: 21b7 0072 b02a 2cb6 0073 c000 71b0 2a2b
    0000080: 2cb6 0074 b02c 2ab4 0002 2bb6 0025 c000
    0000090: 71b0                                   
  Exception Handler Table:
    bci [69, 74] => handler: 77
    bci [69, 74] => handler: 77
  Stackmap Table:

Best to report this directly to APOC repository. This query works on 4.2 for me, but doesn't work on 4.3 either. I get different error though.

Oh thanks, i will use 4.2 then 😉

I've tested it on sandbox, which uses Neo4j 4.3.3, and it works. Perhaps try updating neo4j to the latest version. It's strange behaviour nonetheless.

On my Neo4j Desktop it does not work on 4.2.11 either.

Got this info from Github but it does not work for me:

The problem are the newlines in the sparql query part which is not urlencoded in the right way.