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How to index sentences with syntactic dependency information between words in it?

Hi, I'm thinking about building a text search engine that can retrieve sentences satisfying a particular pattern represented in the query.

For example, a query "I a book" is expected to help retrieve sentences containing phrases such as "I read a book", "I bought a book", "I wrote a book"... because the verb "read, bought, wrote" in those sentences can form a dependency with "a book".

I'm beginner to NEO4j.
You can assume that I have barely no deep understanding into NEO4J.
But I'm trying my best to learn about it.

How can I build such search engine?
Could anyone share with me ideas of how can I do the indexing?
There are so many things that I currently feel confuse about like if I save each words as node how can I retrieve sentences?
Any guidance would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance.